Top 10 Steps:

For an effective Come Back to Office after Lock-Down.

“The workplaces that we left are not going to be the workplaces that we go back to,”

                                           Joanna Daly, International Business Machines Corp.

In this Pandemic situation, we all have survived through staying home & have fought with all those problems that COVID -19 presented.

And here we are, going back to our offices.

But as Joanna Daly said workplaces aren’t going to be same, whether you have applied for the new jobs or major changes that occurred on your workplace set-up(s).

Taking into consideration we should know how to mould ourselves with the changing systems of workplace, how to fit yourself in your new office culture after COVID -19.

This Pandemic made us learn ‘survival of the fittest’, ‘new skills’ & ‘introspection’. We also do have time to improve and make a new entry to office.

And so, in this article we will read about the most suitable 10 steps that one can try I order to make an effective come-back at their offices.

A – 1st and foremost, set-up time & conveyance :

One comfortable way is to discuss with admin and set-up specific timing for travelling to/from office. Do keep in mind the peak hours of travelling according to your area, to safeguard yourself from Crowd.

If suitable many companies will start their own shuttle for employees to ensure the risk level of getting infected from virus. This could be one of the major changes from Firm and Employee’s point of view.


B – Almost a 1st Impression :

We are going back to the world of Corporate, and even though we are familiar to each-other’s personality and identity. Yet as an individual this time lap have introduced new skills and mindsets within us and what we want to showcase ourselves as.

Therefore, making a come-back at office effectively and with flaunt becomes a choice. And ‘how to make an effective 1st Impression’ article may guide you with basics for same.


C – Physical Safety / Precautions :

Our daily routine has changed, and so do our getting ready for office will change.

These changes will or is possible to include a daily self-administrated COVID – 19 symptom and temperature check, and only after getting the approval we will be allowed to come.

In any way we should also voluntarily participate in energising our body and build our immunity power through exercises and healthy food.

We are required to maintain a gap of 2 meters & also sit / adjust our tables 2 meters apart. Sharing food should also be prohibited and any other form of getting involved in physical attachment will not be good sign of taking safety precautions.


D – Work place Safeguards :

There will be a lot of or few (depending upon company’s budget) but noticeable changes our offices.

Along with our sitting locations to the entry – exit system will be different. So, how to coordinate with that?

For suppose, there will be a sanitization stations, digitally without direct touch maintain your entry – exit timings. An application will be showing your daily health reports to your boss, which you are also required to maintain.

For sure, we have to forget about Hot Desking & that adjustments with your closer colleagues.

Adding up to all, we will be require to maintain and take care of our health gears/ safeguards like masks, sanitizers, gloves & other shields.


E – Relationships with Colleagues :

Now, when you consider your relationships with your colleagues / friends you can come up with diverged options.

Either you can maintain the same relation or you can work again with it & can come up with different bonds with different persons, or you can be an extrovert communicating with all and valuing such opportunities a bit more.

On the other hand one can also take this lock-down as change to their personality and concise their connections to minimum possible.

Actually it’s a win –win time, you just have to value and feel comfortable with whomsoever you are talking.


F – Psychological measures to be taken :

Due to this Pandemic situation our work life and personal / family life have merged their boundaries, which as psychologically studied have affected employees. Therefore as a solution to this one should slowly but continuously process again to maintain the boundaries that has been blurred out.

Not just work –life balance, but it results to affect our productivity showing signs like anxiety, fatigue, difficult to concentrate, etc. What I suggest is simple meditation and regularly getting positive vibes with motivational/ good quotes.

Focusing on solutions despite of fear, always works.


G – Maintaining work Efficiency :

This is what employer looks forward for, and may be a lot of employees out there who are giving time to time update to HR or Admin (which is frustrating sometimes!). But how can you solve it?

Well one way is to follow the old method of setting up Schedule for the week or the day, which is actually more effective if you follow properly.

But we can try one new way. There is possibility of getting a new task every time, and you can not maintain a systematic flow, and need to follow up that work immediately.

As a solution, you can take one task at a time, finish it & then go to another work, finish the same. This can vary from field to field, therefore opt smartly.


H – Self Reliability & Learning :

This lock-down period was a Golden chance to come-up with new skills & personality importance. I myself started this website in the same period.

Now say, you have done some research or have opt new skills, and you want to continue it, but lock-down ended and now you have to go back to office (and left with less time to continue).

Well its easy to handle, once you understand that you having new skills / knowledge is not a part of achievement in a completion, its kind of self love, and you just have to spare time for yourself appreciations (Wow!, now this is what I do 24*7).


I – Stay aware with latest news :

It helps when we are aware about the recent actions and health meter worldwide, decisions taken or anything new. Not just for your knowledge, but for a business, external factors always have effects for the same.


J – Contribute through Social Service :

A step towards society and humanity makes you a balanced person, who knows his / her responsibility & is a actionable partner of such services.

Make sure the minor / major help you are giving to society reaches to the end user. This could be anything, distributing essentials, protective gears, and getting required information to the directly effecting mass.

At the current time, you can help any person to follow the required steps to get to home, and you can also inform to admin / helpline no.(s) for in case any cases you see nearby your place.

Following these 10 steps, are surely going to help you make an effective Come –back to your office. Need not to follow them as it is, you can mould it at your end and make things most favourable to your personality.

Just go back and enjoy all opportunities you got!