So, She is Wrong?

Whole Universe describes her as wrong,
wrong face, wrong thinking, wrong life
can this be real, can she be real?
Can anyone be this much wrong?


For one, she is young
but childhood is present in this adult girl.
Society claims this as madness,
cause defective products are never equal but less.
What if ‘the defective’ are not defects but perfects?
Adulthood with childhood is complicated,
and complications, synonyms with wrong
so wrong she is.


For two, she had sacrificed
but never wanted to lose anything.
They taught her “even small things have importance”
and next moment, make her sacrifice and have patience.
What is patience is not her type of sacrifice?
Not having patience is not understandable
and not understandable, synonyms with wrong
so wrong she is.


For three, she is intelligent
but respects knowledge from outsources.
She is open to other ideas, she is open to you
but you think she is naive, she is a fool.
What if being a fool is a secret to wave off your attitudes?
Being naive is a fault in her
and fault, synonyms with wrong
so wrong she is.


She is complicated,
she is difficult to understand
she is a fault as she is naive
she is a challenge to me, a challenge to live.

With building blocks of wrong vibes,
she is building an open door,
a door to wrong world, a door to wrong life
a door to wrong her, a door to my wrong choice.