She is an Ordinary Girl!

Like you! Like Me!

Like Miley Cyrus sang in “Ordinary Girl”.

“…The thing that seem so simple, suddenly, so far out of reach. Wish that they could see that underneath I am…”

Underneath, Yeah, deep down we all are simple and sober and some of us do accept having personalities ordinary like other women out there.
Irrespective of our colour, origin, appearance, thoughts, we unite with each other.

Our unity brought lots of changes in society, from women belong to households only to women can do everything – they are universe in self; from being a property to someone to becoming a proprietor of many; from fear to stand for themselves to standing alone for community, and many more differences that we still count.

We all are different from each other yet we unite as ordinary ladies. So what makes us ordinary? Well the way we can count ourselves as one, irrespective of being simple, because many of us are mad, awesome or say the talk of the show, yet we stand together for “us”.

I am an ordinary girl, but what I remind myself continuously is, that being an ordinary or being simple or being anything is not going to stop you from taking extra-ordinary or complicated steps in your life. It simply calms you and makes an initiative, so that you can enjoy your step ordinarily and with grace.

Ironically, being ordinary is not so ‘an ordinary’ thing among ordinary girls, some of us still trying to be different and themselves, I have also gone through such phase, I am personally a competitive person so I used to get tensed whenever I see my competitors achieving better than me, whether or not they did something worth the appreciation. So in my excuse I used to say, “I want to become something, I want to achieve something, I want to be billionaire, so what if I have ditch the race, I am still good to go.” Still these sentences you find ordinary right? With the passage of time, and because of certain consequences I faced, I realised and now whenever I read these old saying I (and still) can contradict with, “Do you want to become, something you are not today (you don’t love yourself)? ; So what’s your plan after achieving something? ; Suppose you are a millionaire, you won’t be happy then, right? Yes, removing hindrances of your path makes the walk smooth, but that does not make sure you will achieve something.”

I will leave this topic to you guys here only and now you can yourself make a dream statement of what actually you want.

Going back to – where we unite, we have and will continue this ordinary unity chain. Ordinarily, we have in-together have faced many situations, some are their daddy’s li’l princess and some are being harassed by parents only. Millions of women earlier have gone through a lot of pain and failures to make our life this much capable that we can raise our voice and take actions by our own.

But what if we too stumble and fall? Still, let’s come again and give us everything or nothing without scaring. We as their off-spring can at least live the dreams that they saw, and drew.

In the same song by Miley that I started with, there is one more line “…who knows the wind may blow, for an ordinary girl, like you, like me…”.

I say we can do it, I am doing it and we will do it together.

And if you continued to read all till this end, then thank you for showing a trust on me for my perspective, and if you appreciate the same way to other writers, then that’s ordinarily extra-ordinary.

Strange, but while I was writing these perspectives, I came across one quotation by Elon Musk, “I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extra-ordinary.”

Yeah! … it’s a good sign. 🙂

I have taken a small step, waiting for you to join “us”, let’s make a ordinary world for every women, let us walk in cadence with each other and shine bright.

Thank you again to read it with me, we are now a bit more extra then ordinary.