10 effective steps for come back to workplace after Covid-19

Make an effective come back after lockdown - Feminache.

“The workplaces that we left are not going to be the workplaces that we go back to,” Joanna Daly, International Business Machines Corp. In this Pandemic situation, we all have survived through staying home & have fought with all those problems that COVID -19 presented. And here we are, going back to our offices, making a come back to workplace after Covid-19. But as Joanna Daly said workplaces aren’t going to be the same, whether you...

Perspectives of Inaudible

In a World full of Noises, I belong to Inaudibles. Ever happened that the one person you want to be with, and who makes you feel special and is perfect for everyone but do not listen to you. That...

She is an Ordinary Girl

She’s an Ordinary Girl!

Like Miley Cyrus sang in “Ordinary Girl”. “…The thing that seems so simple, suddenly, so far out of reach. Wish that they could see that underneath I am…” Underneath...!, Yes, deep down we all are simple and sober and...

Confidence of a Smile | The beauty within

A smile is the prettiest jewellery a woman can wear! Marilyn Monroe. It’s ordinary to face problems, encounter haters, and resolve issues. And as ordinary individuals, we should face them with a smile. The confidence of a smile can...

I found me - Feminache

I found me | Rhyme of a strong Heart

I found me Wandering in my life path I found you You offered me peace You offered me friendship I found a friend when I found you Strengthening our friendship I found we We were energetic We were unbreakable...

She is wrong featured image

So, She is Wrong? | Rhyme from the heart

She is wrong! The whole Universe describes her as wrong, wrong face, wrong thinking, wrong life can this be real, can she be real? Can anyone be this much wrong? For one she is young but childhood is present...

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