Unclarified doubts of within

Doubts within

Robert Frost once wrote: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. And all my life I have been following it, opting different-difficult challenges in academics and other phases, testing my abilities, doubts and fear of change, etc. I tried different ways, risked it and win it over. But sometimes...

How to say No to your Boss in 10 easy steps?

how to say no to your Boss

Ever happened that your boss gave you +1 work/assignment and you already have so many tasks on your plate that you cannot carry one more, but you end up accepting that work too? Always? Most of the time? Right!! So, ever worried about how to say No to your Boss? It’s ironically strange that in a world that is open about their views and...

The challenge is to stand

The Challenge is to Stand - Feminache

The day begins when the Sun rises early But the challenge is to see it rising daily! We often walk on the same road day by day But the challenge is to live a new life every day! It’s easy to hang out with familiar buddies But the challenge is to make crazy new stories! What if you are in a problem But the...

10 effective steps for come back to workplace after Covid-19

Make an effective come back after lockdown - Feminache.

“The workplaces that we left are not going to be the workplaces that we go back to,” Joanna Daly, International Business Machines Corp. In this Pandemic situation, we all have survived through staying home & have fought with all those problems that COVID -19 presented. And here we are, going back to our offices, making a come back to workplace after Covid-19. But as...

Ask for a leave of absence from Work in 6 easy steps.

How to ask for leave of absence from work

When you ask for a leave of absence from Work from your Boss, it's a fight to the finish, where both the parties try to defeat the other in the most respectful manner possible. Let me re-write the sentence, you don’t ask for a leave of absence from Work, you actually request for it. And how you request a leave from work can make...

Perspectives of Inaudible

In a World full of Noises, I belong to Inaudibles. Ever happened that the one person you want to be with, and who makes you feel special and is perfect for everyone but do not listen to you. That person could be your Mother, Father, sibling, Bestfriend, Boy/girlfriend, Husband/Wife, anyone. They are important for you, but the only thing they don't do is to...

She’s an Ordinary Girl!

She is an Ordinary Girl

Like Miley Cyrus sang in “Ordinary Girl”. “…The thing that seems so simple, suddenly, so far out of reach. Wish that they could see that underneath I am…” Underneath...!, Yes, deep down we all are simple and sober and some of us do accept having personalities ordinary like other women out there. Irrespective of our colour, origin, appearance, thoughts, we unite with each other....

10 easy tips: How to handle backstabbing Coworkers?

Handle backstabbing co-workers

Can you recall Julius Caesar’s last words “Et tu Brutus?” It’s devastating when someone so close betrays … but is a sour truth. The same can happen at workplaces as well, so how'd you planning to know how to handle backstabbing coworkers? With great power, not just great responsibilities come, but conflicts & backstabbing also. And unfortunately, workplace sabotage, spreading rumours are now common....

Confidence of a Smile | The beauty within

A smile is the prettiest jewellery a woman can wear! Marilyn Monroe. It’s ordinary to face problems, encounter haters, and resolve issues. And as ordinary individuals, we should face them with a smile. The confidence of a smile can overcome many problems. Some are easy, some are not, some gets sort out, and some originates new ones. Yet individually they all contribute to our...

How to deal with Competition at Workplace in 7 best ways?

How to deal with Competition at your Workplace

You can’t look at the competition and say you’re going to do it better. You have to look at the competition and say you’re going to do it differently. - STEVE JOBS Go through the last line again; Steve says “…do the competition differently.” Now you wonder how this quote is going to answer your question of how to deal with competition at workplace....

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