First Day in Office:

10 Easy ways for an effective impression.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.      – Will Rogers

It is acceptable for you being a bit nervous, about your first impression that you will make on your first day in your office, and to your company workers.

It’s human nature for other persons (in this case; co-workers and colleagues) to form certain perceptions about your personality on the basis of first impressions, while you interact with them.

Usually, your first day in office sets off with orientation process and other human resources tours like filling out forms, watching videos, and introduction or meet ups with other co-workers and not to forget familiarizing you with rules and regulations.

Therefore, to succeed yourself through all these process and to leave an effective impression, you are not just require to present yourself effectively but should also be open to learning from majority of moments or activities that will occur.

Still, looking at the other side of coin, all these does not relate with anything to get nervous about first impression in office, as you understand that it’s better to be real you and if it is about first impression, more beneficial will, to be a good version of your personality.

So far, working whole day with your good personality can be easy if properly started.

Provided below are those top 10 easy ways to consider for an effective impression:-

A. Preparation

It’s kind of obvious that you are required to be prepared for most of the actions that you will initiate.

a. Learn basic information of your new employer, this you might have already done before or during interview process, but yet there are always more to know, and for that you can visit their websites or social media platforms.

You may actually leave a good impression when you’ll say “…I went through you website and I found…” while talking, which reflects that you have already done your research part from outside.

b. Carry important documents, as they are necessary, in case you have not submitted them already. Keep a file ready with originals, photocopies, photos etc.

You can contact to HR as well a day before, about the documents required.

B. Presentable Attire

It’s beneficial if you get your dress all ready a night before the first day in office, not just it saves time but also saves you from 11th hour rush.

Wear a formal or casual yet delegate and comfortable outfit, since you do not have any idea about you new office dress code. You may want to blend in “I’ll wear what I want to or comfortable in”, but what you wear reflects the way you carry yourself, specifically you should not show your preference for homely or loose dresses, not at least on your first day.

You can connect with HR for dress code, if in doubt go with formals, they always work.

C. Punctuality

Report on time, it is one of the most important initiatives that you are required to take. On your first day reaching the venue late, reflects your negative attitude / interest towards the firm, which may or may not be true in your case. Since, you are reading this article for an effective impression on first day, it is understandable.

It will be of great help if you schedule your all travel plan in such a way that you reach 15-20 minutes before the reporting time. You can wait at the reception or can study the surroundings / place.

D. Communication

Now this is a real testing situation, how you communicate will decide how you will be listened. There are various stages of communication that you will go through on your very first day.

Introduce yourself, your new colleagues definitely going to ask certain basic questions like what is your current position, earlier in which company you were, what is your current plan for start with this company, etc. All these questions can be prepared and practice easily.

They might ask you who you are, so you should prepare certain unique but common descriptions about yourself. You can include some stories or events that can help display your skill & achievements.

Just Listen, listen & listen, despite interacting with vivacious personnel you better keep your eyes attentive and notice which person you are required to keep yourself in touch with. Although recognising the correct person so early is not easy, but at least you can take time for surfing various personalities present there.

Take this as another rule to be followed strictly, do not get yourself or your ideas open, and keep your most cards hidden. You should not judge anyone and get judged in return, also do not over express yourself.

E. Make Notes

You have already done your research for the company, yet as said, in early stages there are still millions of things that you learn form a new work environment and especially if you are complete new to corporate life.

And being a new member you are given certain opportunities to learn from, so grab such chances and make notes.

Carefully listen to what you are been told or taught and note it down. Make a new diary, write your notes, schedule your plans, etc, so that you can look at them when required.

F. Take initiatives

Ask questions, there are always some doubts and for that it will be really helpful if you directly go and contact with HR, otherwise you can also ask to your colleagues or to your boss.

But going on regular basis might annoy that person, so regardless of that you again make notes of your queries and one by one ask them in one go.

On the other hand, for effective impact you better ask questions on the basis of the concerned area your queries may fall in, like you can ask your HR about office rules and regulations, or colleagues about working environment, and to your boss – if there are Key Role related queries.

On the first day it is important for you to be friend with someone, it does not mean that you are require to interact friendly or casual with every employee you meet, neither you can make the first person you met your close friend, nor you can complete your day without even knowing whom you are going to do lunch with the next day.

For that a simple way can be : while spending your 75% of office hours in new joining formalities, you should as discussed earlier, notice the hierarchy and definitely the person you think you can be comfortable even in your initial stages, and in the evening or few hours before leaving the office you better go and again interact with that person or persons.

Better to analyse those persons considering your personality and compatibility, as this person will have an effect over your process of interpretation of environment or culture, so choose wisely.

G. Have Breaks

Wise decisions, long conversations, completing the joining procedure, etc, would definitely be going to make you exhausted, so better to take short breaks in between but do not extend the period.

You already know that no employer is going to pay you money for no work, which explains it easily how much amount of work as an employee you will be required to get done, so it would be nice to relax in beginning days to optimize the productivity.

You can take Tea / coffee – Breaks, can read the notes that you have written, and do introspection for self-analysis as well as analysing the surroundings.

H. Interactions with Boss

You might get very busy in processing orientation, can often get caught up by HR professionals, Managers or co – workers, but you are require to make sure you do get reasonable time to interact with your boss or the person you will be answerable to.

Both you and your Manger need to know each other to get work done or execute responsibilities, and just because of various administrative distractions you cannot deny your accessibility for the person who matters most, therefore keep an continues check on your Manger.

I. Stay confident

So far so good, you have performed well enough as a new employee, so enjoy, you have earned them.

With a confident smile on your face, shake hands firmly, and stay clear with your words i.e. your choice of words to express yourself or your ideas should be either neutral or effective but should definitely be not directionless or negative.

And for suppose you realise any such mistake, saying sorry without giving a think – shot about humiliation might soothe the mood. On the other hand it thanking them for any extra effort they did in your favour might show a good sign of courtesy and etiquettes.

J. Organize Yourself

Well this is my weakness and could be of some of you as well, every new place self – presentation and interactions go hand in hand and we should be capable ourselves maintain the cadence of environment.

But organizing your process of acquainting, your stuffs as well as your mind thoughts, is going to be difficult, in order to manage all you should keep track of work or meeting and their sequences as well as of instructions provided, compile all your stuffs and stay attentive towards them.

At last one more tip – Even though you are new, It does not mean you have to follow every instructions you will get, think first, do any specific instruction make sense. In modern world, you are capable enough to protect yourself, and so the audacity to stand strong against any such order or scenario should be prepared.


With this, I end the basic and easy to follow first day in office tips, now it’s time to execute these steps.

Need not to memorize them, just imagine what and how you can or going to execute and then leave them when you will actually face such situation.


Not to forget, your efforts brought you here so enjoy it, and do let me know by sharing your experience in comments section.