Confidence of a Smile 🙂

 A smile is the prettiest jewellery a woman can wear! 

 Marilyn Monroe. 

It’s ordinary to face problems, encounter haters, and re-solve issues. Some are easy, some are not, some gets sort out, and some originates new ones. Yet individually they all contribute to our new self.

The new person that we discover every day, and yes even if you are lying all day down on your bed, you discover that if required you can be lazy and hell lazy. 😀 Yet you love yourself in any condition. You can survive and accept the situation, even if it is not in your hand.

See! The glass is half full! Right? Even you are just sitting – tired, then also there are so much things to be happy about. So, Imagine; what if you move yourself and do something for yourself or for others? And what if you create something outstanding and different? Oh my GOD! The glass is going to be overflowed. 😀

And wait!
I can imagine that satisfying smile on your face; it is going to be legen – wait for it – dary!

So, what were those words that we trashed down earlier? ; Problems, haters, issues blah & blah! And that we smiled it over.

It’s easy! Try this – Whenever you are in a fight with a friend, think about the best food you like and try to fit your friend in that shape of food.
Consequences…?  Well I don’t know what can happen in your case or what you are going to feel, but all I want is to have a smile on your face the next time you are in problem.

But I will share what happened in my case: I have tried the same (millions of time), because I am baggage of mistakes and attract problems for me. So I imagined her as ‘Potato’ – it’s my favourite! and I suddenly smiled in between the fight because of these words of my mind “Oh crap Potato!, Oh  Sweetie! You have such a chopped & mashed mindset.”
Funny? Or not? Whatever, but it did work faster than counting back from 10.

But in all, we just require to smile over it with confidence and elegancy.

Feminache is also for confidently having an aura of real ‘you’ whether in corporate world or when you are introspecting.

Whatever the situation, do not fall from your grace & panache, fight for yourself, but do not fight with weapons or biting through words. Fight with a smile.

A confident smile can purify many things, your mood, your surroundings, etc. And, yes we never know what is going to happen the next minute, so live in the moment, and try to make it enjoyable, even though you are idle, if you like it in that way, you are doing good in your life.

Also, it’s not about winning everything you encounter, losses has a smile of its own, and you trust me the smile that loss wear spreads more effectively and is impressive. It works like a charm of handsome guy. 😉

There is one beautiful definition of ‘confidence of a smile’ I relate, it’s a relationship between me and my mom. The higher the confidence in me, the more the smile my mom will have. So, why don’t you try and relate this pure relation with any of yours?

Also, next time you say you’re suffering, you say you’re smiling, you say you got this, and you say you live in the moment.

And yes! You say you smiled it over. 🙂