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About Feminache

If you are new to Corporate Culture;

If you want to style your Personality in accordance with your Business;

If you live with the passion of starting your own firm,

You are at the right place.

Feminache as a platform provides all those guidance that will help you to work your personality and create an effective impression. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or not, yet you can rock the movement with your presence.

With Feminache you can share your own stories of starting in Corporate. This platform is just a one-to one connection with minor-major steps that can be followed, and in addition to that have shared personal experiences also. Hope, you enjoy!

Feminache came into existence in the month of May 2020 (Yes! The Lock-down Period), and as the name itself describes the essence, it was actually originated from different trials & mixes of Hindi, English, Spanish languages. And in the end combining the two words Femin & Panache = Feminache. Positive instincts with this name and I bet my money on that.

Feminache provides an attachment between, those young ladies that are new to this corporate world, and with the help of some enlightenment, can develop their Panache (style) in Business World.

So go on, read the blogs, do comment your views, and yes…

Welcome to Corporate Zone!

About Author


Thanks for visiting, I hope you have and will find worth contents here.

And thanks for showing interest to know me.

Well, I am also (same as my readers) a corporate woman, and personally sharing I started this website when I completed my initial stages of being called as experienced person in market, and no more as a beginner.
So, considering that I’ll say I do have some fresh experienced written down in pages and so if in case someone finds it raw or childish, then yes, it happened like that only.
Feminache to me as an idea is much more than just a guiding platform, as through my Personal blog Section I showcase my own writings also, and have opened this to other Reader/visitors too, if they want to add their Stories or Creative, Feminache is always available.

During Quarantine time, starting an online Platform – learning and execution was much more comfortable, and definitely my Work from Home did provide me various opportunities to generate ideas. And since I am always open to learn, I got various ideas from friends, families in regards to initial execution.

That’s how it all started, and that’s how I can call myself an author and a founder, everything new and amazing started with the starting of Feminache.

And I believe that just like you, I am also a Feminache!