About Me


Thanks for visiting, I hope you have and will find worthwhile contents here on Feminache.

About Feminache AuthorWell, about me, I am a corporate woman and started this website when I completed my initial stages of being called an experienced person in the market and no more as a beginner.

So, considering that I’ll say I do have some fresh experienced written down in pages and so if in case someone finds it raw or childish, then yes, it happened like that only.

Feminache to me as an idea is much more than just a guiding platform, as through my Personal blog Section I showcase my own writings also, and have opened this to other Reader/visitors too if they want to add their Stories or Creatives, Feminache is always available.

During Quarantine time, starting an online Platform – learning and execution were much more comfortable, and definitely, my Work from Home did provide me various opportunities to generate ideas. And since I am always open to learning, I got various ideas from friends, families in regards to initial execution.

That’s how it all started, and that’s how I can call myself an author and a founder, everything new and amazing started with the starting of Feminache.

And I believe that just like you, I am also a Feminache!


You can contact and text me through Feminache’s Instagram handle, or you can mail me.

– Nikita Sinha